Our Allied Health Professionals

We have a multi-disciplinary team who support the GP Practice with your care.

Primary Care Occupational Therapy (OT)

Our primary care occupational therapist is Anne Sanderson who is based within our Practice every Monday and Tuesday. For more details on OT and how to self-refer please click here.

District Nurses

Our district nurses provide nursing treatment for the housebound and patients recently discharged from the hospital. The District Nursing Team can be contacted by telephoning 0300 30 30 263.

Health Visitors

The Community Public Health Team consists of highly qualified nurses who have special training in Health Education particularly with regard to Paediatric Assessment and Development. The Team can be contacted by telephoning 01698 727517 or 01698 727876.

Mental Health Liaison Nurse

Michelle Crosbie our mental health liaison nurse is based within our Practice every Wednesday. The GP can refer you to Michelle following a consultation.

Treatment Room Nurses

Treatment Room Nurse are based within Blantyre Health Centre. You can contact arrange an appointment by telephoning 01698 368789. Their core clinical interventions are:

  • Administration of injectable contraceptives
  • Advice and Health Promotion including F.A.S.T
  • Care of central venous access devices
  • Claudication Clinics (referral only)
  • Ear irrigation
  • First Aid
  • Hormonal implants e.g. Goserelin
  • Injections e.g. B12, Pneumococcal, Hep B (risk and exposure). Excludes travel vaccines and occupational health vaccines (employer)
  • Instillation of eye drops and ointments
  • Leg Ulcer Assessment (Doppler and Management)
  • Opportunistic seasonal flu vaccine
  • Post operative follow up
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Simple strapping
  • Specimen collection such as wound, urine
  • Suture and staple removal
  • Unrinalysis
  • Venepuncture (investigation and 2nd line blood monitoring)
  • Wound management and dressings
Community Pharmacists

We have two pharmacists who are based within the Practice every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. They support the GPs with pharmacotherapy, hospital discharges, and medication reviews.